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Does this sound familiar?

Finding your own way means a lot of hard work! You’re always on the go, you spend a massive amount of time behind the computer and you’re always worrying about the next deadline and your future.

Due to all this stress, you don’t feel comfortable, you suffer from back aches, you are tired all the time and you worry.

Chiara van den Berg brings enlightenment!

Chiara offers special yoga and meditation classes for students and starters who want to bring out the best in themselves,

meaning less stress, more energy and more fun in life.

Yoga Instructor

bio: www.guruaanhuis.nl
tel: 06 26 71 85 72
mail: chiara@guruaanhuis.nl


De Lindewei
Jacob Catslaan 12 Leiden
De Lindewei is situated near the station and the LUMC.

Sign up for a try-out or for the course with this google-form and I hope to see you soon in my class!


When the time is on, you start. And the pressure will be off. — Yogi Bhajan


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  1. Carmen schreef:

    Are the classes in English or only dutch?

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